Highlands Street Fair, Denver

Monday, June 2, 2014

You stroll down the main passageway of a street fair flanked with stalls. The sun is blazing, and your skin is sticky with sweat. At the far end a band plays, and the music joins together with the shouts, laughter, and conversations of festival goers. You catch the scent of turkey legs, sugary cakes, and beer. In the stalls, you see straw hats; mannequins in bright shirts; plaster arms draped in silver bracelets; and, in one, jewel-toned wind spinners hanging at various heights. On this hot summer day, they barely move. But they cause you to stop: to take in the various shapes, the rings within rings, the translucent wall of color.


  1. Your comment in my blog made me laugh. And then what you write on your blog is beautiful. I particularly liked the one about the cave dream!

  2. Thank you! I like reading your blog and half-copied your format of pictures with comments. I also like the term "cave dream"!