I inherited the love of reading and writing from my mom and a passion for traveling from my dad. I come from a family of readers, but I've always loved telling and writing stories as much as reading them. I also love watching people and imagining fantastic back stories for them. Growing up, my father’s job as an international architect took us from Maadi, Egypt, to New Port Richey, Florida, and quite a few cities in between, and I caught the travel bug. I spent time in Rennes, and Paris, France, as an adult. I love speaking French and watching French movies. Quiche is one of the few dishes I cook well.

These days, I’m a  book editor and writer, and I live in Denver, Colorado, with my family. If, for some reason, you want to know more about me, you can click on my website link.

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  1. Bess,
    I just discovered your blog! I was trying to show my husband pictures of where I lived in Maadi (across from Pub 13) and your blog popped up. I went to CAC (92) and lived in Denver (81-89, 95-99). Small world!

  2. Thanks for commenting! That is a coincidence. It turns out I was there from 85 to 87, so 1st through early 3rd grade.

  3. Hi Bess!

    So great to find this and find you again. We met in Sarah Ockler's YA workshop. I just perused your blog and was so tickled to see that you're in an MFA program. Would love to hear more about it sometime.

    I'm trying to subscribe to your blog but can't seem to find a way. Eep! I'm a bit of a ditz sometimes. Anyway, hope you're doing well!