Olomana Trail

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We reach a grove of Casuarina trees after a steep hike over slippery red dirt. Casuarina trees look like long-needled pines but are ironwoods, trees with a reputation for strength and durability. The low-hanging braches that graze the ground add to the feeling of protection and shelter. But windows through the thin, knobby leaves lend a sense of playfulness. After a few minutes under this natural cover, we continue on, and up.

Haena State Park

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We hiked the strenuous path that would take us to a hidden beach. The steady uphill climb left our shoes and ankles muddy and our legs aching, a thick, green canopy overhead and tropical brush on either side of us. Partway there, we reached an overlook that peered over a popular beach: paper clip-sized people, sea green water, and an impossibly large reef. The shouts and laughter were lost in the space between us, replaced by the chirps and scuffles of the forest. Sometimes life appears most beautiful when you are looking at it from a distance.