Lake Tahoe

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It could have been any other beach. The sand was hot and grainy under my feet, the sun a warm embrace, and rainbow-colored beach umbrellas bobbed down the coastline. But the evergreens, marching down the mountainside, told another story. And when I stepped into the clear blue water, I was unmistakeably at Lake Tahoe. The cold water, cold even in August, took a few minutes to get used to, and instead of the salty grip of the ocean, I felt the light, cool touch of fresh water, and I emerged feeling refreshed, like after a baptism.


  1. I remember that baptism feeling at Lake Tahoe. It was like 15 years ago though, so the feeling is a bit dreamy. I've been this last Christmas around Lake Superior. and believe me, it was much nicer the jacuzzi!
    Thanks for your comment on my last post. I'm still vane enough to believe whatever nice people want to say about my writing. :-)

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